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Music fun

I finally got around to ripping an assload of my music stash.

This song is from one of the first CD's I ever owned - this group's greatest hits anthology. Way back in 7th grade, I used to turn down the TV volume, pop in Crystalis, put in the CD, and run through the game. For years afterward, hearing a Four Seasons song would remind me of some level or another. I seem to have lost the associations (well, it kind of sort of makes sense, considering that that was literally half a lifetime ago), but it's great to have the music handy because it rules.

*switches over to Spanky & Our Gang - Lazy Day, doesn't feel like making another entry*

This song? Rainbow-flavored crack from 1967. It's from the other first CD I ever owned. Can we tell I loved the oldies channel? (Plus, I'm biased because Spanky and I have a pretty similar vocal range. Altos repreSENT! \m/)
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