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11 September 2005 @ 12:40 am
Misc plans  

Yeah yeah yeah. This again. Yeah. Whatever. I'm an addict. Shut up.

This should work. This should work fricking awesomely. I want to try it out tomorrow.

1) Knowing the amount of water I'll have in the dipping bucket and the original dye/water ratio used to dye the solid purple fabric, calculate a dye amount that will result in the same ratio when all of it is mixed in.

2) Mix the dye powder in 1 cup of warm water.

3) Keep adding more and more dye solution (using an eyedropper) and dunking less and less of the gradient length.

Now, here are some issues I need to figure out...

- Soaking fabric in soda ash solution beforehand vs. afterwards. If you apply fixer beforehand, the dye will fix as it sits and you won't have to worry about transfer when you wash it out. However, you may (as I did) have issues with dye components separating. (I admittedly ran my test pretty quickly and may not have mixed the dye as well as I should have, so that might have been the cause of it, but still, it happened during low water immersion dyeing and I know I mixed the dyes well then...) This is fine if happy accidents are acceptable in the final product, but it's not good if you need a one-color gradient. I've read that you can dissolve soda ash in a saturated salt solution to prevent dye transfer. Thus, I will dunk the test fabric dry and fix it in this sort of solution. The dye shouldn't have time to separate before I can dunk it in fixer.

- How feasible it is to fold up a large piece of material to fit in the bucket. Even my 25+ gallon tub isn't wide enough to fit the larger end of the cape. I would probably baste it together into a cone and dunk it that way, and I'd think that would work OK, but I need to verify first just to be safe. My test piece will be fairly long and wide and dunked as a basted together cylinder.
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