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Food and shitty weather

The hurricane really freaked me out last night and this morning...not only due to the awful feeling of helplessly watching an impending disaster but because an aunt of Randy's lives in New Orleans. However, she's not hospital or emergency personnel, so she's probably long since evacuated and safe somewhere. I'm not all ZIP A DEE DOO DAH OMFG WEEEEEEEEEE NORMAL now that it's hit and it's time for damage control (and the Superdome stayed together), but I don't want to sit around feeling like a helpless lump, so it's update time.

Isn't it smurfy when you have to get 4" off your hair because it's been too long since the last trim and you still have over two feet of it left? I'm not done growing it, though. Nosirree. My hair has annoyed me exactly once in the past several years, and that was when we had to stuff it under a wig. People are surprised when I tell them that it's well-behaved and easy to care for. I just wash it, condition it, comb it out with a seamless comb (which takes all of a minute or two because it doesn't tangle), part it, and there you go. It gets ponytailed when I work out and brushed with a boar bristle brush at night. I seriously want to see how long it will get, and to accomplish this, I have to continue to keep it healthy and learn to trim my own ends. This doesn't look too difficult, and I love the results. The bottom of the hair looks blunt and maintained, but it doesn't have that super perfect freshly cut appearance. I always liked my hair best when it was grown out a bit from a trim but not wispy. Not only that, I don't have to worry about making appointments and arguing with hairdressers who want to lop off way more than is necessary. I think I ranted a while back about how I went in for about a 2-inch trim and they wanted to take off 8. No shit. The last time I actually needed that much of a trim was nine years ago when I had gone over a year between cuts and my ends really were a mess. Seriously, if you want to grow uberlong hair with blunt ends, you need to regularly trim small fractions of an inch. Thanks to all the hemming and topstitching I've been doing, I have a much better handle on what 1/4" looks like. I love it when costume experience randomly transfers to other aspects of life.

I'm trying to do more with cottage cheese because I'm getting bored with food, which leads to eating too much junky junk when it's available, which is not a good thing if you eventually want to see how lean you can get without going nutzoid. Based on an idea from a recipe page...

Uncle G-funk's Beany Cottage Cheese Crack

16 ounces of lowfat cottage cheese
16 ounces of canned chili beans

(I just used Bush's red beans with chili sauce because I wondered how they tasted and I was feeling extra lazy. For custom seasoning, I would suggest something tomato-based with some combination of hot peppers and spices.)

Mix. Heat up. (I nuked it in a covered Pyrex at 60% for 5 minutes.) If you like, put some green onions on top. Eat right out of the dish or use as a tortilla dip. It looks nasty but it tastes very good, and it's full of protein and fiber. The only problem is that it produces noxious burps, but that can be considered A Good Thing (tm) if one of your friends ate a fuckton of garlic and you wish to declare war.
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