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I'm finally in the perfect mood for this song ^_^

Sunshine + kick ass workout + nice bike ride + yummy chocolate smoothie = w00tness. The really cool aspect of all of this is that I got said kick ass workout after sort of staying up all night. I passed out around 7 p.m. and got up around 11something and just wasn't tired after that, and I had to meet some people at noon, so I didn't want to try to nap and oversleep. I did have a thermogenic for energy, but it's not like I was at a Cornholio level of caffeination or anything.

It is tough to ride a bike after deadlifting, though, even if you're only going about half a mile. o_O

Sumo deadlift - 5x5 @ 110 (YAAAAAY! The ab expansion technique helped quite a lot.)
Chin-up - 3,3,2,1 (one more than last week - a couple of them required a ton of effort, but I don't care)
Bent-over barbell row - 3x6 @ 100 (o_O WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)
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