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Who stole my brain...

...and replaced it with a lump of dogshit? Blargh. For some reason, I couldn't sleep last night. At work, I tried inhaling a bunch of coffee, but it didn't help much with the dragginess and just wound up making me feel worse. Blargh again. I went to lunch with Rando and his family. I was looking forward to this because we were going to Herwig's and I'd get to socialize with them, but in my stupor, I'd forgotten that it was Arts Fest. For those of you who don't live in State College, let's just say that I had to park way far away from the restaurant, which wouldn't be so bad, but it was hot and I was grouchy and I have to make up any time I take off for a lunch break and I could feel the clock just ticking away. The food was great, but I was still pretty tired and the restaurant isn't air-conditioned, so every few seconds I felt that irritating seeping CRAWL that heat does to my skin. Usually, a big lunch perks me up, but this one didn't, and I was feeling even crappier and thought I might be getting sick, which would REALLY suck because I have to make a quick trip to Pittsburgh for a dress fitting (drive down tonight, go to the designer at around 10 a.m., come back here right afterwards because we have people staying over and whatnot), and who the hell wants to drive 3 hours when you feel like something the cat just buried in the litterbox?

At least I am starting to feel better now, and I'm happy that so many people have visited my LJ already. j00 gUyZ r0x0rz.
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