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Yeah...back at the cosplay already

I'm very interested in going to Tekkoshocon, which is near Pittsburgh in March. Not only will Amy be there, it's a convenient location (an expo mart attached to a hotel, which is mexcellent if you want to wear weather-sensitive costumes), and we may be able to get a group together for it. My goal is to complete Zhang He and Xiahou Dun to my liking before then. Here is the official to do list.

For me

- Make white knee-high boots with butterfly designs. It really seems easiest to buy some go-go boots and paint or glue stuff to them. Honestly, the money saved with boot covers would not be worth the extra time required. I can put my cheap shoes aside for future boots that can't be purchased.

- Redo the armor so that it is more tightly fitted (mine keeps riding up on me) and has nifty pauldrons. My big pile o' EVA foam may work very well for this. If I use that foam, may wish to finish it by contact cementing stretch vinyl over it.

- Insert interfacing, cotton twill, or something between the purple waist sash cover and the headliner foam core so you no longer see the valleys made in said foam when I sewed the sashes to it. It really does not look bad at all in photos, but it annoys me anyway.

- Fix the popped stitches in the Velcro on the waist sash. Only a few popped and they will be easily repaired. Hooray for extremely minor wardrobe malfunctions.

- Acquire feathers and paint nice stripes on them. Attach them to the costume pieces in an easily maintainable manner. (Read: glue them to a strip of something that then gets Velcroed or snapped to the piece. This way, missing and damaged feathers can be replaced without trouble. I hate, hate, hate the idea of permanently attaching delicate decorations to sturdy pieces.)

- Figure out how the fudge I am going to paint butterflies on my unitard.

For Randy

- Redo the cape. First, see if chucking it in the wash with Rit Color Remover will get all the dye out. If so, then just redye it carefully. If not, I have to make another one. Bleh. This time around, to dye it, I am going to neatly get the very end of the gradient wet with dye, hang the cape up, and just let capillary action pull the dye up the garment evenly. I used the exact medium concentration of plum shown on Dharma Trading's site to get the purple color, so if I mix the purple dye the same way, it should be a close match.

- Get a more matte, subdued home decorating damask fabric. Make new pants. Amusing as they are, the pimp pants have a sheen not present in the reference art, and it annoys me. Plus, the construction inside is bizarre because the fabric shredded as I worked with it (this was before I knew to Fray Check everything shreddy as soon as you cut it out) and I made all manner of bizarre adjustments to get it to knock it off. The new pants will have a better overall effect and be more soundly constructed.

- Hand sew dark blue trim (probably quilt binding, which is wide enough and should not look junky used in this manner) all around the jacket. (If I try that on the machine, it WILL ripple.)

- Hand sew the shoulder appliques to the jacket.

- Redo the garment armor. I want this to match either the aluminum leg armor or the Tamiya gloss acrylic sword blade. Seems that it will be easiest to make it out of 1/8" basswood, prime well with sandable primer, and use the aforementioned acrylic spray. This will be durable, match, and look clean because I'll be able to sand everything neatly. It will also be more accurate. The sunburst thingy has some linear aspects that are actually rounded (like tubes bent into shape), and I could recreate that roundness easily by sanding the edges of the cut wood.

- Redo the skull. I am going to sculpt it out of paper clay and it will not suck. I wasn't that bad in ceramics class, for ass' sake, and I do have enough art skills to figure this out. If I put my mind to it, I can do some amazing shit.

- Finish the armor. I need to sew another glove, superglue the edges of the leather to the metal bands, glove the armor, and then rivet on straps.

- Finish the sword. It needs more paint, a nicely detailed guard (thank you Zeriel for cutting out the thick basswood for me in an efficient and neat manner), and a handle.

- Sew/rivet straps to all the various stuff that has to hang from the belt.

- Finish the arm guards. All I did so far was sew the hand and body pieces. They need gold satin trim and some painted detail (and, of course, to be assembled).

- Make the boots more accurate. They weren't that pricey, so I won't mind permanently covering them with green fabric (or only covering the leg so they won't get all fugly dirty around the foot just from being worn). Besides, given the budget of this project, $30ish boots are not a big deal at all.

THESE ARE GOING TO FUCKING RULE. I can't wait to get back to work. I won't even have to turn the porch into a disaster pit all over again. I will need the bathroom, though. Bleh.

And after that? (or possibly started soonish, depending on how nutzoid multitasky I get) Super duper OMFG anal thief Rikku (thank you meanjunglist for the gorgeous dyeable scarf, which just arrived yesterday!), DW5 Zhu Rong (I like her outfits from that game best, and her hair is quite similar to mine, so no wig required), and possibly an Ocarina of Time Twinrova, which I have wanted to do for several years. That will be an insane long-term no-deadline project. I want to start it by constructing a genuine steel-boned corset for the bodice - a fantastic exercise in difficult tailoring and patternmaking. And I do want a light-up headdress. Because I am a crazy fuckbat. Yes indeed. My preciousssss...
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