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I really need a "batshit" icon.

To take a page out of the Blades Guide to Expressing Disgruntledness on the Internets:

!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!#!# (uh, repeat for a while, I guess)

(If you've never been in an Acmlmboard-related IRC channel for a while, you probably have no clue what that meant. Don't worry about it. Carrying on...)

Don't you just love it when major shit goes wrong at the eleventh hour? Well, not quite...the claw "metal" is fine...but it took me multiple frustrating tries to install a reasonably hidden closure on my purple sash (I wound up going with snagproof Velcro with a little roll of fabric to mostly hide the Velcro - it stuck out before I did that). And I only realized last night that my secondhand marching band boots are in FUGLY condition. As in, the surface is horrendously cracked and it won't get any better. No wonder those things are so cheap - they have a very limited lifespan. This realization was followed by a mad dash out to the mall and Hel-Mart (yeah, I was desperate) in search of white boots or anything that could possibly work. I found some $8 basic flats that would look awesome covered in white vinyl, but I don't think I have time to actually finish boot covers before we leave this afternoon. I have the pattern drafted and cut out, but easing the larger side into the smaller side will be irritating, and then there's the matter of the zipper. I've never dealt with one before. And I need to do some cleaning and packing before we head out. And let's not forget that these things are supposed to have purple and gold butterfly stuff on them. I had craft foam cutouts all nicely painted and ready to glue onto the marching boots, but they wouldn't stick because the surface was so suckass (and bent back too steeply on the sides). Looks like I would have to use a more fabric-y material for that.

Thus, I will head to Payless in an attempt to go with the contingency plan - inobtrusive faux suede black boots with some sort of foofy butterfly detail glued over the Airwalk logo. I know they'll be completely inaccurate, but they'll seem accurate to a casual observer and go a bit better than my sandals or the glittery ballet flats I'd been looking at. And I'll just put my current work on the boot covers aside for the other updates to the costume.
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