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Hooray for LogJam

I finally got around to downloading a LJ client. This one's packaged for Debian, so other than racking my brain for a minute or two to remember my password, I didn't have to put forth any effort to get it up and running. I haven't played much with LogJam yet, but from what I know of its features so far, I think it's w00t. So is the perty Aqua Light Blue theme I found for GTK2. Now all my GTK-based stuff matches, and I even have a Mac theme for Enlightenment, so everything coordinates weeeeeeeee! (Yeah, the real thing would be nice, but I'm not giving up my dualie Athlon box, damn it...and unlike Linux, Mac OS X isn't free. Bleh.)

I've been thinking of getting up early for morning cardio. If I did that, I could get in more sessions each week because I'd be able to do cardio and lift on the same day. (Who wants to go for a nice elliptical trainer jog when they're zonked from the weight room...or vice versa?) I am a night owl, but this would be doable for me, believe it or not. Way back at the end of June, I had to work some 10-hour days to make up for a few hours that I took off work that week. I got up an hour early so I wouldn't have to stay too late at night, and I actually adjusted to it pretty well. This is about the same time I'd have to get up for a morning workout. I'd be able to eat something small and easily digested and pack my lunch while I waited for it to settle, and then I could go bust some ass and take my shower and leave for work. I don't know how well I'd be able to get ready after something like the evil sprint session I did tonight, though. o_O Well, let's give it a shot anyway...

Cardio - Elliptical trainer HIIT (3-minute warmup + 10 intervals). I left the incline at its default and bumped the resistance up to 8, and away I went. It's amazing how you can kick your own ass in less than 13 minutes of cardio. According to the machine, I went 1.35 miles in 12:15. I also got the intensity above 300 watts during the sprints. (Medium intensity is about 150-160, and a tough jog is 200 or so.) After I was done, I had to go sit down in the locker room for a few minutes.
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