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I'm going to be able to finish two more details of Zhang He - the knee guards and the claw blades. The knee guards are more heat-bent craft foam, gesso, and cheapo acrylics. The claw blades are basswood strips with the ends filed and sanded into a tongue depressor shape. That looks more finished than leaving them squared off, but it's obviously not dangerous or sharp. They're sitting outside with the first coat of primer, and they will ultimately be sprayed with gunmetal acrylic paint. I'm happy that I was able to find a reasonably durable material that I could quickly get into an appropriate shape.

I discovered that the rafters of the porch would be a great place to hang a clothesline for freshly dyed fabric. Why the hell didn't I figure that out a couple of weeks ago before I screwed up Randy's cape? Blargh.

I doubt I will have any photos to post before Otakon, but I am looking forward to sharing whatever Randy snaps and I locate on others' galleries. I will probably get a picture at the photo booth as well. I really think this costume kicks messloads of ass. (And when Randy's gets done the way I want it to, it will be even better.)
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