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I will be bringing Zhang He to Otakon. I simply don't have time to complete Xiahou Dun as well as I would like to. Instead of driving myself utterly insane and winding up with something without the details I had planned, I'll finish the costume at my leisure this fall and most likely bring it to Ohayocon. I honestly think that a winter con will be a better place to wear it anyway, as it involves three layers of clothing plus leg armor. For a while, Randy has been telling me not to go batshit for his sake. He just wants to dress up as a favorite character. Doing so for a particular con was not high up on his priority list at all. He mainly wanted to be part of our friends' DW group, which did not materialize this year anyway because some people couldn't make it to Otakon and others didn't feel like making stuff after having spent months on other sewing projects. Thus, it's not a big deal. However, I can't help but feel disappointed because this work has been over a year in the making and it isn't anywhere near where it was supposed to be at this time. Then again, I don't think a year was really enough time, so I shouldn't feel too bad.

Also, because I won't be in a hurry, I'll be able to redo the cape to my liking. I can make some test strips to perfect the gradient technique. I'm thinking it would be best to only soak the gradient portion of the piece in the soda ash and then dip (or spray, masking off the rest first) the "deep end" with dye and let it crawl up. This SHOULD result in an even gradient. I have plenty of twill and dye left. I'll figure it out.
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