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Almost bedtime, I guess

Yeah, this song again. Like I said...crack.

I haven't crashed yet. Unless you count a short nap earlier this evening. I seriously think that busting ass at the gym is letting me subsist on less sleep because it helps me sleep deeper. I can't explain it, but I'm not going to complain. Why would I? It beats slogging around feeling like shit all the time. I do sit around in a haze for a while after I get up, but after my coffee, I'm fine, and I wake up well later in the day.

Strike claws are all painted and assembled. I'm extremely happy with the way they turned out. They look burnished, and the purple mottled trim matches my chest armor color. They just need some elastic bands to keep them on. I have to put snapped straps on the shoulders of my chest armor. I'm almost ready to sew a leg armor glove (read: a dealy that covers the rivets and bare metal in the back and puts a nice fabric border around the front). It was surprisingly easy to put together. The border is a nice dark blue quilting print underlined with cotton twill from my failed dye experiment of a couple of months ago. (Quilting fabric is thin cotton, and I needed something substantial for the border. Underlining beefed it up nicely while giving me an easy way to finish the top edge and something to do with the red/blue twill. Yay.) The worst part by far was marking fabric to cut out and measuring it a few times to be sure that I'd laid the pattern down properly. The armor will have a nice finished (and accurate to the reference art! w00t!) appearance when it's done. But my eyes are going loopy, so I should sleep.

Of course, the camera is being a poop and not holding any charge at all, so I can't take any pictures of this stuff. Blergh. Hopefully I will dig up batteries soon.
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