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31 July 2005 @ 02:25 am
Bad news: my cape gradient is splattery. The stray spots did not come out. I feel like a grade-A nimrod for trusting the spray application to wind up smooth and not doing a test strip first. I will have to find a good mister for future hand dyeing endeavors.

Good news: It really isn't that bad. If anybody sneers at it, I'll tell them Xiahou Dun lost a battle with a giant blueberry. I looked at the in-game character model again...and it turns out that the color on that cape is rather blotchy. Weird. I've painted on the silver base of some of the designs, and it does help. The most visible part of the cape will be the bottom, which is solid midnight blue.

Bad news: I cannot get that damn EVA foam to work for my claws. I tried taping one into its curves, and the tape tore the foam surface when I removed it. That. Is. Not. Good. At. All. I don't have this problem with normal craft foam, so I have to go pick up a bunch of that tomorrow. I'm just irritated that I wasted time cutting out and assembling a bunch of stuff that I had to chuck.

Good news: I did get some foam work done, namely the detailed weird metal crap for Xiahou Dun's sashes. I can gesso (and hopefully paint) it tomorrow.
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