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30 July 2005 @ 04:25 pm
Here's what I'm currently focusing on. I hope to have pictures up this weekend. Time to run out and grab some shellac.

- Xiahou Dun's jacket (Construction is complete...it just needs the hems and shoulder patches handstitched. It technically has purple trim, but I don't have time to handstitch all of that on, so it can wait for a future upgrade.)
- Cape (I gradient overdyed the bottom dark blue by soaking the cape in soda ash and then spraying dye on it and leaving it outside underneath a garbage bag to sit for 12 hours. This went well overall, but I got a few specks that irritated me. I put a bunch of detergent on them and also tried to stop the dye reaction by sticking an ice pack under the affected area. Hopefully they'll come out in the wash. If not, I can hide them by painting on some designs similar to those in the game's version of the cape. I used a rather dilute solution of dye, and the dye reaction during some of its sitting time was slow due to the low temperature outside, so the overall effect should be rather subtle. This is fine with me. I have dye left over and I can always do another overdye if I wish. Oh yeah, and I expect the garment to survive the multiple requisite post-dye machine washings just diddly dandy. Hooray for double hemming.)
- Zhang He's claws (I'm using my new foam, which is quite a lot like craft foam only much floppier and with a sturdier surface. It can be heat shaped, but it tends to fingerprint easily, so I'm using a different tactic. I assembled the claws with Mod Podge, and then I'll squeeze the appropriate parts with tape and apply shellac to the back of the piece to stiffen and seal it. Then comes the trim and more shellac. Styrene and hot glue would not work well for this particular piece because the plates must be precisely squeezed into rather tight and symmetrical curves that fit together, and I'm not good enough at quick plastic application and squeezing to get that right.)
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