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I haven't had an Old Horizontal in, like, forever. It's about time.

This song is my crack.

I've discovered the secret of working out with reasonable intensity pretty much every day. I made up a kinder, gentler lifting routine to do between cycles of low-rep maxy stuff to help me stay in practice without burning out my CNS. Basically, Workout A is moderate-heavy pull, light-moderate push. Workout B is the reverse. I alternate them with at least a day in between. So far, I got my deadlift 5RM up to 180 pounds and my squat and bench press 5RM's are improving slowly but surely. I don't have any trouble doing cardio/conditioning type stuffs on off days. My current favorite is a bunch of 30-second sets of dumbbell swings followed by 1 mile on the stairway to hell (the Stepmill, which is basically a down escalator). I try to go a bit faster each time. I can do this no matter how crap the weather is and it's over fast and seems to work me out pretty well. So...I've been working out daily since Saturday. And that's great because the more I work, the more I can eat without putting on the bad kind of weight. And I know what I like to eat and I like a lot of it.

LJ cuts involve work and I'm lazy and my brain is not all here. So, yeah.

I hope to have more cosplay progress photos soon. Zhang He's chest and back armor is done. I'm currently working on Xiahou Dun's jacket and cape. I have to catch stitch the hems on said cape. Gah. I really dislike hand sewing, but for many tasks, there really is no substitute, so I must learn if I want to get really good. And I do. So I need to pick up some needles. I also have to overdye a dark blue gradient on the bottom of the cape. I already know a good method for this (soak the thingy in soda ash solution, put dye solution in a spray bottle, spray it on, let the thingy sit for a while, wash dye out), so no worries there, but it will be annoying trying to find a good place to set it up. I'm happy because I set the first jacket sleeve in flat and it wound up basically perfect. It only had one minor pucker that I was able to fix. When I had Randy try it on so I could position the shoulder applique (and mark off where the breast designs need to go), it fit him quite well. That made me happy, too. (Duh.) I'm waiting impatiently for my 1/4" foam to come in the mail. Scheduled delivery date: July 27. That should be enough for me to finish all the faux metal shit.

I really hope that these costumes kick as much ass as I want them to. Hey Zeriel, can I fucking PAY you to help me with the drilling and whatnot? PLEASE? I know I can do it myself and I need to learn sometime, but I am SLOW and you are NOT. And I only have a month left. *freaks out*
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