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Bleh. I haven't had motivation to really bust my ass at cosplay, partially because my 1/4" foam isn't in (so I can't even start the rest of my faux metal stuffs). However, my armor is nearly complete. I just need to paint the "face" on the back plate. I managed to take a rather decent photo of my progress this time.

Finished Zhang He chest plate

I've been busy since Wednesday because Josh and Julia got married last week and lots of people were in from out of town. The ceremony was spiffy. The picnic reception was lots of fun. Real lawn darts rule. Nothing else that you chuck at a target is quite the same. I'm bummed that I didn't get a chance to meet up with Dana when she was up, though. At least I did get to hang out with friends who live quite far away. I ought to write more detailed stuffs later.
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