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Very quick update

I'm about to leave town, and I don't have time to say much or post a progress pic of my work. (Plus, the battery in our camera has to be recharged, which doesn't help.) But I will say this...

Gesso smoothed out the foam quite a bit. It now has a texture like that of a normal painted wall inside a house. I'm using thin craft foam for the surface details because they aren't going to take any stress. I have an order of 1/4" closed cell foam coming in for my claws and knee armor and the sunburst thingy and metal squiggly for Randy's costume. I have to put the fiberglass aside for a future upgrade. I just will not have time to finish it off properly, especially because the work we're doing takes forever to cure due to the large amount of resin that must be used to get the cloth to squish down inside a concave mold. And that's even after I take it inside an air-conditioned house. At least I will get some pretty nice results with the foam. I hope I can get that riveted metal leg armor done, though.

I am now bench pressing without pain or discomfort. That's something I couldn't do last year. I can't lift a lot (my best set this week was 3 @ 85 pounds), but no complaints here.
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