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Ya know, I was feeling pretty good when Josh discovered that we can indeed cut and drill 16-gauge steel using a Dremel and ordinary cordless Black & Decker with a cobalt drill bit. He trimmed and drilled an armor band and got it all nicely riveted into place.

Then we busted out the fiberglass and discovered that no matter what we did, we couldn't get the claw quite as smooth as we wanted to. I'm afraid that it's going to take forever and a day to get all the kinks out of the surface. But we had some significant technical difficulties when laminating the sword and it turned out I shouldn't worry about it until it's time to pop it out. I am praying that the pile of resin we put in will have created a mostly smooth surface and that the ugly wrinkly bubbly shit will all be on the back side. At least I have a power sander.

Then I discovered how much of a colossal fucking pain in the ass it is to rivet squares onto a leather backing when you don't have anywhere near the elbow grease potential of a guy who can do the same task in a timely fashion. It involves enlarging the holes in the leather by shoving an awl through them and then shoving the rivet through the leather, and that takes me so long that it made me want to cry and give up. And then it takes a few good squeezes of the rivet gun. I have to use both hands. Then again, maybe that was because I did deadlifts and chin-ups today. I bet my forearms were tired.

Then I remembered that Randy has a lot of elbow grease to give...and the task of enlarging holes is something that's impossible to screw up. All you do is shove the awl through the entire way.

Still, I am suddenly feeling very down about this entire thing. I know I can get the fabric aspects of the costumes done, but I'm upset because I had all these awesome plans for OMFG fiberglass and metal!11!one and I highly doubt that all my props will be complete. I know I can finish Randy's sword and armor, but I am very concerned about Zhang He's props. I'm feeling more and more like just focusing on Randy's costume and finishing mine for Ohayocon. I will at least try to get the claws done. Even if I can't get the armor, the claws will rule, and the costume won't look dumb sans armor. Shit happens and people wear in-progress costumes all the time. And sometimes they have technical difficulties (losing parts of their costumes, having them accidentally destroyed), but they go anyway with what they have and have a grand old time. I'm not competing and it's not like it's a part that will be missed by anyone unfamiliar with the character, so why freak out? Baby Strong Sad is not going to cry if I wind up at Otakon in a 80% complete Zhang He.

And if anyone asks...I'll say Xu Zhu sat on it.
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