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Damn my ass

Yep...I have a workout backlog to post. Yippee. I'm happy, though, because both of said workouts went well, and Carnivores with Hats started up today. We didn't practice anything, but we did discuss what we want to arrange and learn over the next year. Some songs that I LOVE were already on the list, and my suggestion went over quite well. (I don't want to say what it is, though, in case we never get around to it or we want it to be a surprise. =P)


Tuesday's workout had major suck potential. I'd been crampy all day, and then I ate a couple of bean buns before I lifted, which somehow made my stomach even worse, and I couldn't push my abs out properly because it hurt. This pissed me off enough to make me insist on doing as well as I possibly could, even if I had to wait a few seconds in between reps. Thanks to this extra determination, I wound up doing pretty well even though I had to make an exercise substitution.

Squat 5x5 @ 80 pounds (just barely, but I don't care - it's about...freaking...TIME)
Front squat 8, 7 @ 60
Seated hamstring curl - 8 @ 100, 8 @ 105, 6 @ 110 (I need tight abs for stiff-legged deadlifts, and mine weren't cooperating after all those squats)
One-legged calf raise - 7, 8 @ 35


Cardio - Rowing machine HIIT (3-minute warmup + 10 intervals). The good news was that I'm more used to proper form for the machine now, so I was able to really bust ass and wear myself out. Although I worked legs yesterday and had to use said appendages to row, they didn't seem bothered by this at all, which is A Good Thing (tm). I ultimately want to do HIIT three times a week, but it's not worth fucking up my knees over. Thanks to this machine, I'll be able to achieve this goal. Weeee! My abs and lower back were pretty tired by the time when I was done, and as I mentioned before, free core work is always a bonus. ^_^

And now for the bad news...

...I somehow managed to wear a patch of skin off of my butt again, and it wasn't the underwear this time. Gaaaaaahhhhh! Maybe I ought to stuff a bunch of TP down my pants like the girl in those old Northern tissue commercials. Bleh. At least it doesn't hurt as much as it did the first time. Maybe I'm developing a tough rear end. Maybe telling people to bite my shiny metal ass will eventually make sense.
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