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No new deadlift max yet...but I hit a 6-rep max of 165 pounds yesterday, and that is a PR for me, so hooray.

I got my new purple dye and twill. I put it to use tonight. I haven't gotten to see the fabric all dried yet, but judging from how much it tends to lighten up when dry, it looks about perfect. Huzzah. I also got the rest of the metal for the armor. For some reason, they gave me steel instead of aluminum, but it seems to be mild steel (which I can punch holes in myself), but even if it isn't, I can mark the holes and bring the pieces back to be drilled. Or something. This is so going to work. And kick loads of ass. The armor support bands are curved beeyootifully.

I've begun to fiberglass the sunburst. (I put in two initial coats of resin, and tomorrow I can sand down the puddles and lay the actual glass. It's a small, nearly flat piece, so I feel confident enough to do it myself.) The claw mold is just about done. I just want to run it past Josh before I start glassing to make sure there are no divots that I missed. I can bust the sunburst mold off the positive if necessary and not give a shit because I only need one sunburst, but the claw mold must work twice. I think it looks damn good so far though. I had some trouble (I got impatient when making the mold and wound up with some thin plaster spots that had to be broken out and fixed with body filler), but I think the surface is pretty solid now. It has visible scratches, but it feels smooth and evenly curved (and it was less smooth before), and all of the potentially problematic trenches seem straight-edged and without undercuts. (Running a fingernail along indented edges is a great way to diagnose such problems because it can be difficult to see irregularities. That was how I found out that one of my Bondo patches was lumpy and needed help.) The armor model base is (finally) nearly finished. Just a bit more stabilization and I'll be ready to put the surface craft foam layer on and then mold it in a few days after I make the pauldron prototype. Now that's going to be a biznitch because it's a complex curve (it's based off an ellipsoid). I saw a simpler implementation of it on someone else's Zhang He costume, and I guess I could do something similar if I get really stuck, but I want to do my damndest to pattern that ellipsoid because I. Am. Anal.

It's too late to start anything else tonight, so time to chuck my twill in the dryer and get some sleep...
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