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OK...I'm not a happy camper. I just blew several hours of my time and six yards of cotton twill without getting any result that will work for Xiahou Dun's jacket. The first three yards were an utter failure because I tried to do some sort of medium immersion thingy and wound up with FAR too much water, and the dye components separated in an extremely fugly way, so I wound up chucking the results. The second time, I did low water immersion and got something nifty...but it turns out that Dharma's black cherry is not as purple as it appears on the website. It's maroon. I tried overdyeing with darkish blue in the washing machine to get a more purply color, and all I did was color in the light areas and make some patriotic-looking explosion. The red parts are still way red. It looks nifty, so I didn't chuck it, but it will not work for the jacket. Ye gads am I ever pissed off. Now I have to order some actual dark purple dye and more twill and wait for it to get here.
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