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Really messy

My mighty forearms finally crapped out on me this week. Namely, I've hit the point at which my grip strength is limiting my deadlift. I pulled 200 again, but I couldn't get it up (huh huh huh) a second time because it started falling out of my hands when I was probably about a foot off the floor. D'oh. I don't want to use straps because I take great pride in seeing how much I can haul all by meself, so I'll just do some extra forearm work and keep at the same weight and not worry about it. Pulling 200 once is a slow and strenuous process that takes every ounce of concentration, so it seems that my legs have to catch up a bit as well.

I messed myself today. More precisely, I casted my shoulder with plaster strip. By myself. I was going to get Randy to help, but it seemed so simple that I figured I might as well try it on my own first, and it worked. All I needed was a good solid reference for the shape of my shoulder so I could more quickly and precisely craft Armor Prototype v2, so I just had to chuck some strips over my shoulder and onto my chest, and that wasn't difficult to accomplish one-handed. It's not an uber-smooth, precise cast, but it's more than adequate for my purposes. Now I'm really happy that I ordered a nice water-soluble mold release on impulse when I bought the plaster strip. It worked danged well and all the mess washed right off in the shower. I just want to wait for the cast to set really well (and put some more strips on the inside to reinforce it a bit) before I start work on the armor.

Claw Prototype v2 is done...and I'm very happy with it. I discovered the wonders of Gem-Tac, a glue that's basically friendly caulk. Amethyst Angel uses it to draw raised designs on her crafts because it's thick and flows well and stays where you put it, so I thought it would be a good choice for neatly filling in the very thin gaps between the claw pattern plates, which could have caused trouble with the plaster mold. It worked wonderfully. I just squeezed it into the gap and wiped the extra off while it was still wet, and now my piece doesn't have any major undercuts. w00t. I'll post a picture at some point.
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