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I would be listening to this song, but Rando rebuilt our private file server and hasn't gotten the music back on (or AppleShare running, for that matter), so I've been without tunes for a while. Sucks. Anyway...

Huzzah. My plaster strip arrived, so I'm finally able to progress on my molds for Zhang He's fiberglass stuff. I'm about halfway through my nice reinforced super clean strike claw prototype. Plaster strip doesn't stick to craft foam, so I have to coat the back of everything with Mod Podge first. I basically attach each piece securely in place with duct tape (I can even put it on the top of the prototype because it will peel off without damaging the surface of the foam), lay a bunch of strip over the joint of the pieces, let it dry, and then add the next. It has to be done this way so I'm sure to leave enough bare foam to properly fit the next piece on the back of what I've assembled. The hand guard isn't placed as perfectly as I wanted it to (if you lay the prototype on a flat surface and look directly down the middle, you'll see that one side is about 1/8" higher than the other), but it's unnoticeable otherwise, and the rest of the pieces have passed my anal (alliterative!) analysis, so eh, I can deal.

After I get done plastering the last piece (which is what I have to do next) and remove all the duct tape, I get to flip it over and glue the trim on and then figure out how to seal it in preparation for the Ultracal negative mold. I've read that clear acrylic spray will be fine. I'll try making a test craft foam mold with that technique out of some scrap just to be sure that it will work. I'd be awfully pissed if I melted my nice prototype.

Other than that, I've been plugging away on the sashes some more. I'm (mostly) at the point where I sandwich the backs and fronts together and then figure out how to get the entire thing securely sewn. I need to dye the fabric for Xiahou Dun's jacket soon (hopefully this weekend) because that will require a lot of painting, and it has to get started very soon. But the prototypes and molds take priority over that due to the long calendar time required to properly finish fiberglass. Last time, it took a week for the resin to completely cure, and all the body filling and priming and sanding requires drying time that adds up fast.

I am going to Git-R-Done though. w00t.
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