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D'oh again

Yep...I've been lazy about workout journaling again. Here goes.


Cardio - An attempt at HIIT on the rowing machine. I didn't feel utterly clobbered like I do after running up the Stepmill or sprinting on the elliptical trainer, but I wore myself out pretty well. During the interval that I decided would be my last, I just couldn't get the wattage up to 200something any more, and when I stood up, I felt kind of loopy. As a special bonus, I had some mystery DOMS in my obliques the next day (I hate targeted ab work, so I'm very happy when I can get it via some other exercise), and I didn't get any more butt blisters either. I think I'll be hitting this machine more often. ^_^


Deadlift - 5x5 @ 105 pounds (yaaaaaaaay)
Chin-up - 3,2,2,1
Bent-over barbell row - 3x7 @ 95 (I focused on really pinching my shoulderblades together this time)

I changed my mind - I don't think my lats weren't getting enough work. Deadlifts kick ass and all that, but they don't really train you for chin-up strength.
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