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I decided to switch my lifting routine to something closer to the original powerlifting routine it's based on. I'll train both squats and deadlifts for limit strength and do ladders of chin-ups and overhead dumbbell presses as upper body work. I missed busting ass on squats, the synergistic effect of training both lifts heavily in the same cycle, and the insane metabolism boost of all that difficult lower-body work. I did not miss frying my lower back, but it's much stronger now, so I should be fine.

I also did quite a bit of work tonight. I got about halfway done with the muslin mockup of Randy's outer jacket. I need to sew in one of the sleeves to make sure that it will fit over the surcoat OK. It's tricky, slow-going work, but it's oddly satisfying in a "OMFG it's working! It's woooorking!" sort of way. I'm using a technique called crowding that I read about in a Sandra Betzina book. Instead of sewing the sleeve, forming the armhole, setting the sleeve in, and having to worry about evenly easing the extra sleeve cap fabric somewhere along the road, you only sew the shoulder seam of the garment and pin the sleeve in flat, distributing the extra fabric as evenly as you can between all the pins. Then you sew it with the sleeve against the feed dogs, which automagically ease that fabric very nicely for you, and after the sleeve cap is sewn, you sew the side seam and underarm seam all at once. It's best to put a hand between the fabric layers to keep everything smooth around where you're sewing and help the automatic easing process. It's going pretty damned well for my first try at something like this, but I'm still getting little goofups and taking forever to sew the seam. The good news is that the sleeve cap is overall quite smooth with only a couple of very small puckers. The seam allowance tends to get wacky at times, and I don't really understand why, but at least it's easy to fix. When I sew the actual jacket, I might use this technique to baste the sleeve in place and then have an easy time getting an even seam allowance with normal stitches.
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