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The surcoat is very close to finished. It's sewn together (except for the shoulder seams, of course), turned, pressed, and pinned around the edges where the garment fabric and lining meet. Those edges must be topstitched so the lining won't bag out slightly around them. It's too light to stay flat against the garment fabric. That will wait, though. All told, I've spent about five hours tonight working on this thing, so I'm done for now kthx. I also managed to BURNINATE myself on the iron (thankfully, it was only set to silk, so it didn't really do much to me), which I took as a sign from the universe that I really ought to put it away for the night.

I don't want to bother Rando to model the surcoat for a photo right now because he's busy and I'm sleepy and it's not technically finished, but I will tell you that I put it on him for a moment for a once-over, and I am QUITE happy with it. Next week, I'll post a picture of the outfit thus far.
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