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How to line a vest the Donny Don't way... to realize that, if you want to actually be able to turn the armholes, you must leave the shoulder seams open before you sew the lining to the garment. D'oh. At least this won't be horrendously time-consuming to fix and it will ultimately make it easier to finish the surcoat because I'll be able to sew around everything that will be seen (including the ever so fun back vent), turn the vest through the open shoulder seams, and then bind those seams with bias tape when I sew them together. I also forgot to press the back of neck lining/fabric seam before sewing the front seams that go right up to it, so taking the garment apart at the shoulders will solve that problem as well. I highly doubt it will be done tonight, but I'll see how far I can get on it.

I'm also pretty much done priming the sword blade. The fiberglass weave is filled in, and I wet sanded it with 320-grit paper and it feels pretty smooth to me. I might be super anal and put on a final coat and then sand that with some really fine paper just for the hell of it. Weeeeee. In any case, I can't start painting it until next week because we'll be out of town this weekend. Wah. *impatient*
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