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The joys of lining

I felt snuffly today and I wanted to get some serious sewing done anyway, so I opted to postpone lifting in favor of working on the surcoat. It turns out that the best way of lining it is probably to assemble the outer and inner layers separately, put them together with right sides facing each other, sew around all edges except for the back vent and 2" or so from the bottom back vent corners, turn the entire shebang, and then finish the back vent. Thus, that's what I did (well, started doing, but whatever). It took me a while to get the lining pinned into place because I had to keep holding it up to make sure that it was hanging properly, but it fits surprisingly well. Also, armholes are an incredible pain in the ass. I was paranoid to try to sew around one with the presser foot because I can't steer curves quickly, so I had to diddle with the hand wheel and it. Took. Forever. My eyes need a rest, too. At least the seam is nice and even. Time to go find some food, I suppose.
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