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I started a new round of my Thibaudeau-inspired routine today. This time, from reading strength training information written by SMRT people that I trust, I knew to start out shooting for a 3RM significantly lower than my max from the old cycle. I figured a reasonable rule of thumb to try would be to pick a 3RM that would allow me to work up to my old 3RM during the first four weeks of the cycle, so let's see how that goes.

Cosplay stuff: I've been working on the front sashes. I was an utter nincompoop and ironed over some disappearing fabric marker before it had disappeared from the fabric. This actually creates a scorch mark, so it's not coming out. Luckily it's small and will probably be hidden by other parts of the costume, but in any case, nobody is ever going to notice it unless I point it out as an example of my klutziness. Double hemming and topstitching cotton is fun in an anal-retentive way (I get to turn it under all carefully using the lines on my mat as a guide and steam it in place weeeeee), but for some reason, my machine decided that it didn't like feeding sturdy twill through (it makes a very disconcerting clacking noise), so I had to finish the green sash stitching with the hand wheel. This didn't take horrendously long (maybe an hour at absolute most) and it made the stitches come out quite even, so I really can't complain. I'll get back to the surcoat after I'm done with this stuff and my iron has a chance to dry out thoroughly. The brocade is 78% rayon and essentially dry clean only (washing it in water would shrink it at least 10% and significantly change its texture), so I am paranoid about getting water on it.
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