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Move along...nothing to see here

Surcoat panel #2 is done. However, I didn't get to start lining it tonight because I have to sew some sort of method of tying the front (so the sides won't crawl backward as it's worn) into the front seams first. My best idea is to use small loops of cording, which will be versatile. I can thread a tie through them or even use them as buttonholes. Of course, when I realized this, it was just about time for the fabric store to close, so I moved on to other things.

Namely, I started the front sashes. I got the pointed pennant cut out and began to turn its edges under and pin them. It is surprisingly easy and fun to make narrow folds along the edges of cotton twill because it's sturdy and crisp and holds creases well. I got a nice crease by hand, but I'll definitely have to steam it before I actually sew it. I didn't feel like futzing with the reservoir on the iron tonight and I'd already done several hours of work, so I figured it would be a good time to quit.

I'm looking into the possibility of theatrical facial hairpieces for Randy. If he tried to grow his own beard and mustache, the itching would drive him batshit, and we would have to apply eyebrow makeup or something to it anyway to darken it. I need to get him some spirit gum to make sure it doesn't irritate his face. He would still be very recognizable without the facial hair (the long black wig, eyepatch, and 4-foot scimitar should provide a pretty good indication of who he's supposed to be), but it would be nifty to have it, so I hope that it will work.

I know this wasn't much of an update (OMFG I cut something out!!!11! roffles), but I'm happy and I felt like typing, so yeah.
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