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Random updates

Diet - It amazes me that I can function quite well and bust ass in the gym on ~1600 calories a day as long as I get enough protein and be careful with the simple carbs. By that, I mean I can have a sugar-containing recovery smoothie after I work out, but I made myself give up my favorite cereal and yogurt for the time being. On Friday, I hit ketosis although I've been eating over 100 grams of carbs a day, which amused the crap out of me (and signaled that it was time for a carby refeed meal...also amusingly, I didn't get fungry after my breakfast bagel and sugar cookie). My pants currently fit the way they should, but I'm sure some of that is due to glycogen depletion (read: slightly shrunken leg muscles) because I've observed their fit vary weirdly over the course of a day and that's really the only thing that can do that. (I'm not wearing them until they fit, so I know they're not getting stretched out just from being tried on.) Thus, I'll keep at it for another three weeks before taking a break.

Cosplay - I've been forced to give myself an ultimatum: no more Dynasty Warriors 5 playtime until the surcoat is done. I wasted too much time last night and Friday with that game. I've been working hard on the costume today, though (just taking a break for now), and I think it's looking pretty good. I lack the skill to make perfectly smooth satin collars like the lapels on professionally tailored tuxes, but at least I know the basic do's of sewing satin (buy high-quality material, iron the living crap out of it, drop the presser foot pressure to avoid puckering the fabric), and that does go a long way. Annoyingly, I cut the bottom trim too wide (I forgot to subtract the seam allowance when measuring the bottom of the piece it will go on...D'OH), but at least that's better than not wide enough! I'm cranky at having to rip out my basting and go through the tedium of pressing and sewing the trim shut again, but that beats having to wait for a satin order. This is NOT going to get finished this weekend, but I think I can get it this week.
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