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I forgot to mention...

...that thus far, I am as pleased with the OS X interface as I thought I would be. The Dock is teh w00t. It has the functionality of XFce4's interface that I liked (a launcher panel with icons for launching apps and an iconbox for storing minimized windows), but it combines them in a very spiffy and elegant manner. An application's icon acts as a launcher if the app isn't currently open. If the app is open, the icon lets you access it or, if available, use a popup menu to perform certain functions without having to show it first. The Dock was pretty large at first, but I fixed that easily in the prefs. It can be smoothly resized using a slider, which beats XFce4's choice of several different sizes (which is OK, I guess, but annoying if the ideal size is between two selections).

Hooray for the terminal. Hooray for being able to make it perty and translucent. I just have to remember how to customize my bash prompt and I'll be a very happy camper.

Expose is fun. Mouse to corner! See windows fly! Pick one! Do it again for no apparent reason! OMFG WEEEEEE
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