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Talk about killing the mood

A while back, I came across some snippets of an unintentionally hilarious fanfic. All you really need to know about it is that the wording was generally dignified and flowery, but when it came time to reference male genitalia, the author chose the term "woodle". Considering that this term appeared multiple times, I doubt it was a typo. I can't remember what the fic was about, but such a doofy word right smack in the middle of all that lofty language was the rough equivalent of this:

A romantic setting...relaxing music playing...a handsome warrior and a beautiful woman gazing into each other's eyes...

Sproing! Whiz! Bloop! Zowie!

Wooldoor Sockbat springs forth from the warrior's pants.

Hey kids! *blink blink* Looks like you're about to have some fun...

He removes the lid from his butt and pulls out a string of condom packets.

Don't forget to use protection!


I, uh, got the lining fabric for the surcoat cut out and Fray Checked. All the seams will be inside the garment entirely or bound, but otherwise, the pieces would unravel just sitting around waiting to be sewn, so I consider it a necessary step when dealing with anything that frays like crazy. Yes, that's all I've done today so far. It took me a while because lining fabric is a real bizniatch to lay down smoothly. I need to get my ass up and off the computer to make the trim and collar patterns and possibly start working with the fabric for those as well. They're basically skinny satin rectangles, and they need to be interfaced, so they'll be much easier to wrangle. Satin behaves very well if you can apply fusible interfacing to it first.
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