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In Soviet Russia, I FOOL YOU

Bowling tonight. We made up Sunday, which we skipped because half our team was going to be missing in action and it just isn't as fun with only two people.


Subpar, yes, but pretty decent considering that the lanes were basically an oil slick. And of course I had to have green beer because a) the bowling alley served it, b) it's St. Patty's, and c) I'm Irish. If you're Irish and you don't have any alcohol on St. Pat's, you get pelted with potatoes or stabbed in the spleen with a shillelagh (I really did spell that right the first time I typed it w00t) or something, and I'm afraid to find out what that something is, so there you go. Plus, I like beer. I also got the last batch of green and white sugar cookies at Sheetz. Arrgghhblllrgggh holiday-themed sugar... *drool*
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