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Nifty crap I've done so far this week:

- Got my deadlift 3-rep max up to 175 pounds. Technically, it was more like three singles with very short rests in between, but meh, it counts. Tbbbbbppppt.
- Ran 2.5 miles @ 5.5 mph with no walking break. (It's about fricking time...a few more workouts of that nature and I'll feel confident increasing the speed.)
- Started a weeklong refeed, which is basically allowing myself more fun stuff as long as I keep it all to about 2000 calories a day. Arrggghhblllrgggh Sheetz breakfast bagels with pesto... *drool*
- Finished some more costume work of the boring but necessary variety: taking measurements and pinning patterns onto Randy in preparation for adjusting them. I have to get that blasted surcoat pattern finalized ASAP so I can make the garment and be sure that the jacket and arm guards fit over it...but I've been trying to avoid it because I'm paranoid of lining up and cutting the outer layer because the fabric was so fricking expensive and even cost me $10 just to DRY CLEAN, for crying out loud.

My motherboard decided to start behaving itself again. Is it somehow trying to save itself because it knows that its replacement is on its way? Who knows...but because Randy's (similar if not identical) mobo at work has had similar weirdness, we've figured out that it's probably prone to overheating. Power Macs reportedly have a mexcellent cooling system, so we shouldn't have any more trouble of that nature. And I won't even have to give up Linux entirely. Our private file server runs Debian (unstable last I checked), so I can get a remote display set up if I want to run stuff that I miss. ZSNES might be one such application. It has a fuckassload of x86 assembly language, so it's not going to run on a Mac anytime soon. SNES9x is available for OS X, but wah wah I'm used to ZSNES *pouts in the corner* Eh, we'll figure it out.
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