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The weirdness of my music composition process

I got an idea for a song no earlier than two weeks ago. I somehow managed to get inspired and write the full chord progression and melody and about a third of the lyrics. Amusingly enough, though the first set of lyrics for the verse part came to me in a stream of consciousness sort of lump, they had an inherent rhyme scheme. It's not the typical end of line rhyme dealy-o, but it's definitely there and evident. I wrote a few more lines for it just now. I might actually get this one finished on a timely fashion, which would be a nice change from getting an idea over four years ago and being stuck on two final lines that refuse to fill themselves in.

My claw mold still isn't done. Blergh. I did indeed get distracted by DMC3. It is damn difficult even on Easy mode (which isn't easy...even for many people who were good at the first game in the series), but it is indeed a fun challenge. It's satisfying to reach the boss, get pasted to the wall, go orb farm for more skills and items and get more combat practice at the same time, and try again until you get it. It took me a while to beat the one at the end of mission 3, but it felt great when I finally did. I still have quite a ways to go before I get out of the n00b13 phase. After playing for too long, I devolve into mindless button mashing, which just gets you spanked all over the place. At least that keeps me from wasting too much time parked in front of the TV...
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