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I. Love. This. Song. It is never going to get old. Ever.

Tonight's bowling scores:

130something (133, I think)

Again...this wasn't a blind squirrel finding a nut. I can actually control my ball now, and I have the arm power and muscle memory to speed up my throw as well. I feel that this season, I am finally going to start getting good. I decided to celebrate by busting open a Storm King. Recently, bllm said something about the taste of macrobrews when you get into high-quality microbrew and I forget what it was and I'm too lazy to look...but I'll just say that Yuengling is still enjoyable to me although I'm appreciating the w00t craft b33rs.

As far as cosplay goes, I didn't get much done today at all. However...I did figure out how I would like to make the guard for Xiahou Dun's Kirin Sword. It's a funky shape with some raised detail and it has to look metallic. make a very long story short...assuming you have an original object, casting a copy out of resin really doesn't look difficult, and there are metallic powders to put inside the mold before you cast. Thus, I think this will be my best bet. Weeeee. Anyway, I should have the foamies claw mold finished this week. I did get some more work done on it last night. Even if it's not all nicely sealed with duct tape (and therefore still looks fugly because of the masking tape holding it together), I'll put up pictures.
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