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A winner is me

My first game tonight was a 153. That's the second best I've ever bowled. My others weren't so great (82, 103), but still. I am getting the hang of throwing the ball I am a happy person. I also made some random guy very happy by giving him half a pitcher of Yuengling. Nobody else on my team wanted to drink and I can't finish an entire pitcher by myself, but I knew somebody would want the leftovers. Sharing is caring. Weeeee.

I figured that five hours of soaking in soda ash was enough to fix the dye, so I took the fabric out to start rinsing it, and I am very happy with the results. The base shade is just what I wanted it to be, and the darker green variegations are generally subtle. It's more blotchy than veiny and there are a few very pale blotches, but considering that this is my first try at dyeing anything and part of the fun of any sort of tie dyeing is the randomness of the results, it's all good. My main goal was to get the base shade of green right, and I did that, so w00t.
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