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Yes, I have been working on stuff...I just haven't finished anything new. And even so, there's that annoying issue of not having a digicam. Bleh. Anyway...

Three more rounds of stenciling, and my sashes will be finito. I've been waffling like crazy on what to use for the gold strips on them. I was thinking of making my own bias tape out of a nifty gold crepe satin that I bought especially for that purpose (it was difficult to find good quality yellowy gold synthetic satin...believe me), but then I decided that I would probably be better off just buying 1/2" metallic gold premade bias tape. I was leery of this stuff because it's that glitzy metal gold color and I thought it looked too '80s MTV, but so many other people seem to use a similar product for their costumes and it always seems fine when it's on some other fabric. It would have been really spiffy to find 1/2" gold fusible bias, but I've never seen any wider than 1/4". D'oh. At least temporary spray adhesive should make this tape similarly easy to work with. I would have wanted to sew on the fusible anyway because I'm anal like that.

I want to order more metal for Randy's leg armor, but I can't decide whether or not it's worth my while to pay Online Metals to cut up the squares for me. On one hand, the cutting fee would be an extra $225, but it would probably take me a while (on the order of AT LEAST 10 hours) to measure, cut, and sand the squares myself (spiffy as my snips are, they do leave tooth marks along the edge of cuts in metal close to their capacity, and 16-gauge aluminum is definitely up there). They might bend in the process and need to be hammered. I wouldn't even have fun doing this work - my (failed) efforts to make squares out of stainless steel were boring and annoying as all hell. I don't mind cutting the bands for the back of the armor myself because that will only be a handful of cuts and edges to sand, but do I really want to sit there and snip and finish square after square after square? I don't think so. Heh, it looks like I made up my mind after all. Good thing that I only make 1-2 costumes a year.

After all that stupid fussing with the surcoat pattern I traced from Randy's shirt...I decided to scrap it and just modify the vest pattern that came with the colonial men's costume pattern set I bought a while ago for the basic jacket. I had better feel better tomorrow so I can get back to work on that.
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