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You know what feels really damn good? When you think it's going to be a meh lifting day because you feel lethargic, but you make yourself get off your arse and go to the gym anyway and you do something you've never done - complete a full 5 heavy 3-rep deadlift sets. My 3RM is now officially up to 160 pounds.

Unfortunately, my upper body is being twingy again, so I'm not working it out this week. Next week, I'll do a similar moderate intensity workout to the one I came up with when I was originally recovering. I'm sure it will be just needs a break.

Inspired by the training schedule of an elite distance runner in one of the fitness communities I'm in, I've decided to add another fitness goal: building up a nice running base. I don't expect to attain this person's schedule (it would take years to achieve and way too many hours a week to complete, and they probably have above-average genetics for recovery that allowed them to work up to that level to begin with), but I would love to be able to run a couple of miles multiple times a week without getting an owie (it's fun and invigorating, and the more you exercise, the more food you get to eat yaaaaaaaay), and that's definitely doable. The basic way to achieve this is to pick a distance to travel by foot several times a week and work up to running the entire distance every time. My lungs and legs could theoretically handle this, but some stabilizers in my legs can't, which is why I get owey after an annoyingly piddly distance. I figure if I just do what I can and walk off any cramping, the weak parts will eventually catch up.
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