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Is our childrens larnin in health class? I guess not.

"Flabbergasted" would be a much better description of my mood...but since I haven't figured out how to get custom mood text and a cute icon at the same time, this will have to do.

Here it is...hands down, the most nonsensical fat-loss advice I have heard in a VERY long time. At least it isn't dangerous ("OMG if u wear a lot of sweats while u do ddr ur gonna burn off a lot of fat!11!!"), but it is mind-boggingly stupid. I wonder if this person's aunt believes any bullshit spouted by a confident snake oil pimp, erm, I mean PROFESSIONAL. I wonder if she owns toning tables, an electric ab belt, Exercise in a Bottle, or Oxycise.

because you have a broken foot, all i could say is... try rubbing your fat off. because your foot is broken, you should try your best not to make the injury worse. when you rub your fat off, you literally need to squeeze the part continuously. (it might hurt if you squeeze too far) this method was introduced to me by my aunt who had a whole bunch of friends that were professionals. it's the same thing as that vibrating thing on tv. except the vibrating thing builds muscle. rubbing your fat off is merely breaking down the fat so it can get out of your body. if you used to play with a hoola-hoop, it's the same thing, only hoola-hoops just work your waist.

Where in the hell do I even start with this? I don't know what's worse...the concept of rubbing off fat or the idea that a vibrating thing can magically build muscle. If that were the case and I were a straight man, I'd be afraid to have sex lest my junk get pinched off by the jaws of death between my partner's legs. But I would build a lovely Ahnold-esque physique by sitting on the washing machine playing video games for hours each day.
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