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It's good to be back.

Gawd, I missed powerlifting-style training. I decided to return to a Thibaudeau-inspired full-body strength routine similar to the one I did last year. This time, I'm training deadlifts as my leg exercise and incline dumbbell presses as my pressing exercise. I ordered some Plate Mates so I can actually do that. Being able to increase dumbbell weight in small increments is very important. At any rate, I started it today, and I thought I would begin with a heavy leg day. I got up to a single of 135 pounds before I crapped out, but I think some of the crappiness was due to my having started the deadlift triples at 120, so I was probably just tired. The first time I did a Thibaudeau workout, I got all the way up to a 1RM of 185. I must do that again. I know I can. I just hadn't done deads for strength in ages, so it will take me a few weeks to work back up to it. As I mentioned earlier, I won't be able to do a CKD with this sort of routine, but that's OK with me. After the diet break, I'll just eat a bit less and do more cardio. In my experience, this routine cranks up metabolism like crazy, so that will certainly help as well.

I went to a Superbowl party. I didn't really care about the game because the Steelers weren't involved (not that I'm into sports, but I am from Pittsburgh, so it would have been cool), but I like hanging out with people, and it was an excuse to share some of the uber-beer as well. I had two of said beers and too much sweet sweet snack food (Ghirardelli brownies arrgghbllrggh *drool*). The beer made me sleepy, but it's worn off, so now I'm all like OMFG WEEEEEEEEEE. But I need to sleep soon. So that's bad. It's going to be pretty nice tomorrow (almost 50 degrees) and the days are of course getting longer, so hopefully I can store that energy and unleash it at the track. I miss running outside. I can deal with the cold (once you get warmed up, you don't notice it much - I observed that just walking to and from Carnivores practice in the winter), but when there's snow and ice and dark falls early...bleh.
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