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19 January 2005 @ 07:15 pm
Things that chafe my ass - anal local government edition  
Quiz time! What would you say is more dangerous to the public?

A. Unsalted roads that are cruddy enough to slow traffic down significantly.
B. Two inches of unshoveled snow on my sidewalk.

And can we guess what State College Borough seems to concern themselves with more? After a crappy drive home today, I found a nice little note warning me about my uncleared sidewalk, which royally cheesed me off. I know damn well there wasn't much at all on said sidewalk yesterday and the roads were getting nasty this afternoon. If they have the time and resources necessary to drive all around town and examine every single privately owned sidewalk to such a degree, why the hell do they seem incapable of a more productive wintertime safety endeavor such as observing the conditions of major roads so they can send salt trucks around BEFORE the roads turn to shit? It's not like there are that many major roads within the borough. All it would take is one person driving around for maybe an hour tops if the traffic is bad. Ya know, perhaps it would behoove me to write about this (in a much more polite fashion, of course) to someone who actually makes policy around here. I just had to bitch about it here because I'm cranky now. =P
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sinistarfithsinistarfith on January 21st, 2005 03:21 pm (UTC)
Brandy and I spent a year living within the borough. During that time, we had sidewalk warnings, grass height warnings, and rear end of car parked only slightly over sidewalk warnings. That's why we spent only a year living in it.

Friends of ours now are having a hell of a time. They just bought a house in the borough and were in the process of moving into it. Since they were remodeling a good portion of the indoors, they had to stow a number of their boxes in the driveway, which left little room for vehicles. One vehicle had the rear bumper about 3-6 inches over the sidewalk because they couldn't pull it up any farther. Fined. So they've had their jeep parked at our house for the past month. They have also already been fined for having a visitor's vehicle parked on the street (when they had already gone to the trouble of getting permission from the borough to do so), were fined and had to get special permission to expand their driveway so that their vehicles weren't over the sidewalk (they were fined because they parked a car in the yard to avoid the sidelwak fine). And I would imagine they're now feeling the pain of the snow situation.

I'm not sure, however, that people from the borough actually just drive around checking things. I think it also comes down to people in your neighborhood reporting the infraction. That's just my gut feeling, though, but I always noticed neighbors looking out their windows triumphantly when we would receive a notice on something.