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The fine folks of the Fametracker boards have been writing a Baby-sitters Club fanfic. To clarify: they've been writing a very snarky fic that, judging from the quality of the posts on that board, is going to be a Real Laff Riot. If you liked the BSC books, enjoy ripping on them, or both, take a look.

My hard drive decided to snarf itself in a way that made it impossible for my computer to boot. Randy worked his hardware ninja mojo on it, so not only did I get all my personal stuff copied over to our storage server, it's back in the computer and up and running now. Let's hope it stays that way. *crosses fingers*

Week 2 of the CKD is nearly over, and so far, DAAAAAAMN. It should take two weeks tops to get my pants back where I want them to be. I'm seriously losing at least a pound of fat a week, and I don't think my muscle is going anywhere. I feel fine on keto, I've made it a habit to eat vegetables daily during the week (you just have to choose the fibrous ones because carbs from fiber don't get counted) (mmm, broccoli salad with olive oil vinaigrette...mmm, spaghetti squash casserole that Rando made last week... *drool*) and keep my saturated fat intake down, and on the weekends, I eat all the carb-rich food I want and it gets sucked right into my muscle glycogen stores. I do make sure to get some healthy carbs in there (which is easily accomplished by going out for a nice big nutritious meal like tofu and vegetable fajitas)...but I can go nuts with fun foods like birthday cake and Pocky and it goes where it's supposed to instead of messing up my fat loss. The one treat I will not allow myself on this diet is alcohol because it slows your metabolism and I figure that if I'm taking the effort required to manipulate my biochemical responses to preferentially burn bodyfat and store incoming carbs as muscle fuel, why throw a monkey wrench into that?

On the cosplay front: Josh showed me how to fix those stupid segmented lines in the brass. All you have to do is keep tapping on the high points with the hammer and flat-head screwdriver. It takes a while, but it eventually makes a more even line. I should get back to work on that today. Yesterday, I did a few hours of work on other sash pieces, but unfortunately, it's not going to be interesting to look at until I get the gold trim on there and assemble them.
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