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I finally got off my ass and got back to work on those Xiahou Dun pants. All I have to do is sew the elastic ends together and thread the drawstring (good old twill tape) through the waistband...and I'm done! Yaaaaaay! Well, for the most part...I eventually need to seal the raw edges inside the waistband and cuffs with some iron-on hem tape so they don't start to ravel over time. I'll just do that at some point before Otakon. They're (mostly) pinked and coated with Fray Check, so I don't think they'll go anywhere anytime soon.

Sash #3 is about 2/3 painted. I still have to cut the stencil for #4. At least that involves less work than cutting the first one (because the front sash design actually has a couple of motifs identical to those in the side and back sashes, so I can reuse parts of the first stencil...yay for that).

I thought .010 inch thick brass wouldn't be too difficult to emboss. I thought wrong. I can hammer lines into it with a flat-head screwdriver, but no matter what I do, they look segmented. I tried pushing the end of a Phillips screwdriver into the metal and dragging it, but that just scratched it. Josh is going to help me with it soonish to figure out what we can do. I may just wind up buying softer brass at Michael's, putting a design into that, and gluing it to a thicker brass backing. I should also try heating that brass over a flame - it might be cold rolled, which would prevent it from behaving the way I want it to. Eh, I'll deal with it this weekend.

I have to pick out aluminum for the armor, too. silverluz's Sweetie suggested getting anodized if I could because it's less shiny, but doesn't seem to sell any of that. Blergh. They do have 2024-T3 bare, 5052-H32, 6061-T6 (which is what Random Scale Armor Dude used), and 7075-T6. I bet all of these are shiny, and considering that we know that the 6061-T6 is easy to deal with, it looks like I'll be going with that. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. (Anonymous comments are allowed on all public entries, so friends' significant others with SCA knowledge are more than welcome to chime in. You know who you are. ^_^)
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