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Thus far, I'm really liking this diet

I'm pleasantly surprised at how well I function on a caloric deficit and 20 or fewer grams of carbohydrate each day. This includes two lifting workouts in which I lifted about as much as I expected to after a 1+ week layoff. I can't get to sleep before 2 a.m. because I just don't get tired, but after some research on (which really is a good resource for training and nutrition info as long as you know who gives reliable, science-based information), I found that this is a common occurrence that has to do with lowered serotonin levels and that valerian is likely to help. I picked some up, so I should be sleeping well tonight.

I have to get my Zhang He barrette done and sent off to Katie Bair before the end of the month so she can work it into my wig. Thus far, thin brass looks like the best material to work with. It's already the proper color, and it lends itself well to being embossed and bent (which goes a long way toward making the piece accurate because it has an etched sort of design and its sides curve backward). I was worried about finding a round emerald green jewel to go on the front...but much to my joy, Michael's sells packs of acrylic cabochons in assorted sizes and colors, and I found one with a green gem of the correct size. It would be ideal if they sold them loose so you could just buy the specific ones you wanted, but eh, they're perty and I can always keep them around in case I'll need them in the future. A small sheet of brass cost a whopping $2 at Nittany Line. Yay for that. Hopefully I'll get to work on this over the weekend.
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