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I used to be madly in anger with the new GTK2 file selector. Sure, it has a cleaner interface than the old one, and according to Randy, it has other technical improvements that I didn't know about, but it made me cranky because as far as I could tell, selecting files with the keyboard was crippled. You have to press Ctrl + L to get a location bar to appear (and I don't know of any way to set a preference to get it to always show up when the dialog first opened), and although the bar "autocompletes" as you type (showing you a list of matches below the bar and updating it as you keep typing), it didn't have the same handy filtering behavior I was used to in the old one. The original dialog always showed a location bar, and you could use wildcards to narrow down the list without having to start with the first letter of the filename. Example: I would type *Toccata and hit Tab, and it would filter the file list to show everything that contained Toccata in its filename somewhere. This is very, very nice when looking at a directory of music files because we have some stuff that isn't consistently named and I can't remember what the file name should begin with, or I might remember the name of the song but not the artist, so when I'm looking for said stuff, the location bar's autocompletion is useless.

While reading an archived mailing list argument on the file dialog, I found out that you can press Ctrl+F to get a finder box which provides most of the functionality I'd been missing. Huzzah. Too bad this sort of info is not readily apparent to the user, but at least I know of it now. Yay.

Our oilskin dusters came in the mail over vacation. They messed up the order and sent the wrong size liner for mine, but that's what exchanges are for, and thus far, my coat has been plenty warm without it. It's comfy, has an assload of big pockets and flaps and straps and whatnot, and is of course quite badass. I'm going to have to get a picture at some point.
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