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Haven't updated in a while

Hooray for:

10 contiguous days of vacation.
Getting to see all kinds of family and friends over vacation.
Getting to see a bit of Chicago as well (and shop at a store called Gaymart - that was fun).
Being able to comfortably do certain upper-body exercises and stretches that bothered my rotator cuff-related parts for a while. At last, I can hit my upper body hard in the gym.

Boo for:

Losing all willpower when confronted with mass quantities of holiday snacks.
Not quite being able to chin yet because my forearms are still grouchy. Feh.

I'm going to be 26 on Saturday. I don't feel old yet. At all.

It's that bodyfat dropping time of year again. I've finally gotten the cojones to go on a cyclical ketogenic diet. I'll have to write an update about that (either here or on Meow Mix) to address all the misconceptions that commonly float around about diet plans that involve major carbohydrate restriction, which can be basically summed up by "OMFG dangerous stupid fad diet you'll get malnourished and die of poisoned kidneys". To make a VERY long story short, I'm trying out a CKD because it blunts hunger most of the week and lets me eat a lot of nifty food - including food high in simple carbs - every weekend. (If you lift, you can't be in ketosis 24-7 - you need to refill your glycogen stores regularly. Thus, there's a planned refueling period.) That takes care of my two most common problems with caloric restriction: being hungry although I've eaten enough calories for the day and being tempted to eat too much nonoptimal food. Also...right after the end of the week workout, you're supposed to consume liquid carbs and protein. What does that mean for me? Grape juice...which I love but rarely drink because it's pure sugar. Being able to have that each week as part of a diet is w00t. And yes, you can eat your veggies just fine and dandy on a ketogenic diet (and I'm taking supplements to cover my ass), so no worries about nutrient deficiencies, umkay?

dymphana, I didn't forget about your lyrics. ^_^ I just have to remember where they were so I can reply.
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