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Coat shopping

Rando has wanted a badass-looking long coat for quite a while. Being at a loss as to what to get him this year, I figured this would be a good choice, but I wasn't sure how to pick out a good one. zeriel has such a coat that has held up nicely for years, so I asked him for opinions, and he told me to look for a riding duster. These are especially nice because they are stylish but quite practical. They're split up the back and have loops on the bottom of each side of the coat for attachment to your pants, so you can even ride a bike in them. They have a flap underneath the back vent that's supposed to protect your clothes from rain. This would be especially nice because Rando bikes to work whenever he can, and some asswad stole the fender off his bike a while back, so he gets wet butt syndrome when it's rainy.

A quick Google search turned up the Australian Coat Company, which makes these sorts of coats to order, using your measurements to select the proper size. The shipping is annoyingly expensive, but otherwise the price of the coats seems about right. Oilskin seems best because it can take more abuse and it happens to be cheaper, which is a bonus. The extra weight of the fabric isn't a problem when the garment's wearer is an ogre. I would definitely want to add a hood, but I'm not sure whether or not the wool liner would be necessary. With the central PA winter temperatures being as crappy as they are, it might be good to have around, but they're fricking expensive to ship! Gah! I wonder if you could just order one later on. I also wonder what the heck they do with your weight because they already get your pertinent length and girth measurements when you order. Rando weighs a lot more than you'd guess by looking at him, so I hope he wouldn't wind up with a ridiculously huge coat because of that silly number. I guess I can always ask customer service before I order.
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