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Almost back to normal

I got to lift today. Yay for that. Disappointingly, though my energy level felt OK, I couldn't move as much as the week before my gym break. I hate it when you think you're all better except for a drippy nose and semi-functional tastebuds and then you go to the gym and the iron laughs at your temporary ineptitude. Bleh.

At least I didn't do too badly, though...and I found a very nice picture of my costume courtesy of lupohki. Wow...I'm making a normal face this time. Hooray for that. I really need to practice posing more next time I dress up, but at least I don't have any pictures that look really dumb. Well, except for that one that Rando took of me when I was walking down a hall and COMPLETELY off-guard. Maybe I should cosplay some character who wears a mask. I always thought it would be fun to be a Zora from the N64 Zelda games...but I'd probably need to stuff my bodysuit with ice packs so I wouldn't wind up standing in a puddle throughout the entire con. Then again, that would probably make the costume more accurate. =P

Bench press - 5 @ 85 pounds, 5,4 4,3 @ 80
Incline dumbbell press - 2x4 @ 30
Military press - 9,7,6 @ 45 (yay for SOME improvement)
Swiss ball crunch - 15,10 (my back is cranky for some reason)
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