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Something I've been meaning to transcribe for a while

G-funk Doesn't Feel Like Painting at the Moment Productions presents...

...The Super Mario 2 Overworld Bass Line!

I recently downloaded a MIDI of the SMB2 overworld song, hoping that I could use it as a ringtone. The bass wasn't even remotely accurate. WTF? It MAKES the fricking song. *grumble* Anyway...after spending some quality time with the game on pause and a text editor handy, here it is. I do have musical notation software on here (Lilypond, to be precise), but I really don't feel like messing with it at the moment because this piece of music is quite simple, so my ghetto notation will suffice.

It starts at the C two octaves down from middle C. A prime denotes that the note falls above that "baseline" C. Bars indicate measure breaks. Mostly everything is a quarter note except the notes connected with dashes, which are eighth notes. Underscores signify quarter rests.

I think this is completely note-accurate, but the timing on the measure with the two C's separated by rests might not be exactly as shown. It seemed to be a little looser in the game.

C G' C G' | B G' B G' | Bb G' Bb G' | A G' A G' |
F F' F# F#' | G G' A A' | D' F' G D' | C G C _ |

C D' E' G' | A' G' E' C | D' E' F#' A | D'-E' C B A |
G G' F' D' | B G A B | C C#' D' D#' | E'-C A G B |

C D' E' G' | A' G' E' C | D' E' F#' A | D'-E' C B A |
G G' F' D' | B G A B | C G A B | C _ C _ |

E' B' G#' F' | E' D' B G# | A B C D' | E' C B A |
D' E' F#' A' | D' A D' F#' | G' F' D' B | D' B A G |

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